About us

We have many years of experience in manufacturing high quality wheel clamps. Many local governments choose our products when they need to clamp a vehicle. 

We offer a range of wheel clamp sizes to meet all requirements of our clients. We produce wheel clamps for passenger cars, these have normal size arms that are suitable for the clamping of trailers and small trucks, and we also manufacture clamps with large arms for trucks, off-road vehicles and buses. 

Our wheel clamps are durable, and they are made from a special steel. Our products have multiple adjustment points, ensuring the precise and tight application. On the wheel side of the clamp a protective sheet is installed to avoid damaging the hubcap of the clamped vehicle. Our wheel clamps have a special coating that prevents corrosion, and it also has a dirt repellant effect. By default we offer our products in red, however other colors are possible for custom orders. Our wheel clamps are easy to apply. Due to their material (special steel) they are sturdy and strong, and prevent the movement of the clamped vehicle.